Abercrombie Team

Abercrombie Team


Janet is the owner and manager here at Abercrombie Engraving. She is passionate about her craft and has put in the work to run a successful small business. She knows an incredible amount about everything engraving, so if you ever have any queries she is the one to ask. Starting Abercrombie Engraving in 2002, she is proud to still have a thriving brand almost 21 years later.


Elise is Janet's assistant engraver at Abercrombie Engraving. Starting in October 2022, Elise has been assembling, designing and engraving products for orders 3 days a week for Janet. She has also stepped into a marketing role for Abercrombie's Facebook Page and helped upload products/photos into this new website.


Hollie is Abercrombie Engraving's very own canine assistant and support dog. She is an incredibly hard worker, with keen attention to detail when it comes to following orders. She won the 2023 funniest in the office award and constantly makes us and everyone she meets giggle.

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